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Did you know that crystals are a very helpful and supportive tool in the process shifting you towards the path of personal growth and self-love. These little beauties have the ability to resonate with the different energies we hold within ourselves and can strengthening these vibrational energies.  This additional support can offer an internal boost to our energy system.  Most importantly each one has its own unique divine purpose.  Simply choose the crystal that supports your chosen intention then allow them to work in harmony with your inner self for personal self-growth.

For more information about these special gems. Click here to learn more about what crystals can do to support you and your personal journey.


We are located on the north side of Brisbane in Red Hill, only a short trip from Auchenflower. (By appointment only)

Convenient street parking and close to public transport.

To order a custom piece from Soul Work Healing contact Kylie on- 0449696232 or email [email protected]